About Fermilab Natural Areas

The Fermilab Natural Areas organization was formed in 2006 to study, restore and maintain Fermilab's unique combination of ecological environments, to inform and enrich local residents knowledge of the  Fermilab site, and to contribute to the preservation of global biodiversity.


FNA was organized as part of Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, a not-for-profit charitable organization, which is contracted by the United States Department of Energy to manage and operate Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. FNA is a volunteer organization, completely independent of Fermilab and the US Department of Energy. We receive no direct funding from either organization.


FNA operations rely on various sources of support, including grants and individual donations.  FNA is incorporated as a corporation in the State of Illinois and is a federal 501(3)C charitable exempt organization.


The current FNA Board of Directors are:

Penny Kasper, President

Liz Copeland, Vice-President

Tom Mozer, Treasurer

Rita Dolan, Secretary

Paula Lambertz

Emily McGrath

John Michel

Tina Smith

Maureen Huey



Fermilab Natural Areas

P. O. Box 500, MS 444

Batavia, Illinois 60510