Useful Links

Natural Areas Association
The Prairie Ecologist
The Grassland Restoration Network
Chicago Wilderness
Illinois Association of Conservation Districts
Illinois Environmental Council
Friends of the Fox River
Friends of Nachusa Grasslands

Insects and Pollinators

Xerces Society
Pollinator Conservation Planning Course slides
Pollinators in Natural Areas
Milkweed Comparison Study
Insects and Prescribed Burns
Common Methods for Tallgrass Prairie Restoration and Their Potential Effects on Bee Diversity
Conserving honey bees does not help wildlife

Habitat Restoration

Study of Glyphosate treatment of Buckthorn
Controlled burns - effect on soil
Management of Invasive Plants and Pests of Illinois University of Illinois
Natural Areas Association Upcoming Webinars , YouTube Webinars
Pesticide Drift Webinar

Field Guides

Field guides to Plants of the Chicago region